New Pretty Packaging & Client Gifts

It's here, it's here, it's finally here! In the process of doing a complete over haul of my logo and brand, I wanted something that was going to make myself stand out and give a little thanks to those that choose me to capture their most precious memories. And honestly who doesn't love getting a cute little package with goodies in the mail every now and then?

P.S. - The majority of the items you find in the boxes are handmade and designed just for ACP by other small businesses!

Upon opening the box you will find a bunch of cute stuff to smell, touch, and even taste! Neatly attached to the top of the box, I've included a hand written gold foiled thank you card and a confetti lollipop with a big gold heart and some of my favorite colors. Below all that, you will find a copy of my Product Care Guide and a custom scented candle that was designed just for ACP clients! More details on the small box and drawstring bag below. Keep reading!

This little USB was actually the very first component to go into the designing of the box. I wanted something simple that would be easy to match with whatever else I decided to put into the box. It managed to work out perfectly! 

When I started designing the confetti banner for my blog and Facebook posts that didn't include images I came across a company on Instagram that made confetti lollipops. I just knew it was meant to be! For my first batch I went with cotton candy flavor but might switch up the flavors in the future.

The drawstring bags contain many different goodies and was also one of the last pieces I designed. Inside you'll find a keychain with one of my favorite images from your session, personalized referral cards with images from your session, and a magnet for your fridge. I've provided more information on how the referral program works inside the Product Care Guide in regards to earning product credit and discounted/free sessions.

I hope you love these and I look forward to our next session together!



My First Stitch Fix Review

Stitch Fix #8

I fell in love with Stitch Fix about a year ago after trying to take both kids shopping with me. My oldest kept trying to run away and hide in the clothing racks and my youngest cried. THE. ENTIRE. TIME. After that incident I refused to go clothes shopping and resorted to online shopping. I'd find stuff I liked but would get it in the mail and it would not fit me correctly at all. Frustrated and wasting money shipping items back and forth, I was running out of options. I noticed a couple of my friends posting about Stitch Fix and figured it was worth a shot and I've been in love since! 

As a photographer I love Stitch Fix because I feel as moms we spend so much time shopping for everyone else for photo shoots, that when we go to find a matching outfit for ourselves we either can't find something we like, it's not the right color, or it looks great on the hanger but not the right style for our body shape. With Stitch Fix you can send them photos of what the rest of the family is wearing and let them know what you envision for yourself and BAM they ship it to you and you just have to try it on and decide which one you want to keep.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a monthly personalized styling subscription service that matches you with a stylist who will send you 5 hand picked items of clothing, shoes, and accessories based on your style profile.

How Does It Work?

You can create a free style profile by clicking here. Once you have created an account and completed your style profile, you'll select what day you would like to receive your fix, leave a detailed note for your stylist, and pay a $20 styling fee.  Once your item has shipped you can use the Stitch Fix app to track your package and take a keep at whats in your box or you can wait until it comes in and be surprised! 

If you decide not to keep anything, you will put everything back into the prepaid envelope and send it back to Stitch Fix. By not keeping anything you will lose the $20 styling fee you initially paid. 

If you decide to keep just one or two items then the styling fee will be applied to the items you kept. 

If you decide to keep everything you will receive 25% off the entire box and the $20 styling fee will be deducted from the remaining balance due. I like to sell the items I didn't love on the Stitch Fix Buy & Sell Group on Facebook so that I can receive the discount on the items I keep. 

What's Inside The Box

Inside your fix you'll find your clothing items neatly folded and wrapped in tissue paper. This was the first time to receive a pair of shoes in my fix and they came with their own bag to store them in. You'll also receive a prepaid return envelope for any items you wish to return and a note from your stylist with styling cards.

Here's the note I received from my stylist Heather. I requested a new stylist for fix #7 and she was awesome so I requested to keep her as my permanent stylist. I love that she read through my notes from my last fix and also checked out my Pinterest board for items and styles I liked. 

Papermoon Holden Scoop Neck Blouse - $38

Kept. When I first peeked at my fix I knew this was the one item I had to have. I always try to make sure I at least keep one thing to not loose the $20 I paid towards the styling fee. The colors of this blouse are beautiful and it fits great. Heather suggested pairing it with my coral skinny jeans I received in my last fix but I'm also loving the way it looks with white capris. 

Just Black Emmitt Straight Leg Jean - $78

Kept. These are very similar in style to the Coral Just Black Skinny Jeans I received in my last fix. I've been on the hunt for a great pair of white skinnies for a couple of years now but haven't been able to find ones that either fit me right or ended up being see through. These are soft and the perfect fit! The price is a little high for me for jeans but with the 25% discount and not having to go shopping in a store totally makes them worth every penny. They are a little on the short end to be full length and sort of flared out on the bottom so I rolled them up a couple of times. The kids were running around me while I was trying to take pictures so they look uneven but one side was pulled down for the baby trying to grab onto me. 

Brixon Ivy Elmar Embroidered Cutout Blouse -$68

Kept. The next item I tried on was this Brixon Ivy blouse. I requested this one by pinning it to my Stitch Fix Board on Pinterest. I wanted a blouse that was bold in color but also light weight. The blouse has a small v-neck with gorgeous embroidery on the sleeves. This blouse will be perfect for photographing weddings in. 

Franco Sarto Monaco Two Laser Cut Heel - $108

Sold. With two little ones I find it hard to wear heels and don't really have a need to wear them too often. I also tend to stick to more neutral tones when it comes to shoes so that they can pair up with multiple outfits. I did however try these on for the heck of it! I went ahead and sold these to take advantage of the 25% off.

Collective Concepts Creevey Cami Blouse - $48

Kept. The last item I tried on was this light yellow Creevey Cami by Collective Concepts. I felt like the front section hit me a little too high and would show some skin. Since I was able to sell the heels I received it was just cheaper to attempt to sell this one instead of sending it back and forfeiting the 25% discount for keeping the whole fix. I'm still on the fence on this one a little but would love to hear what others think! 

Overall Impression:

Overall I think Heather did an amazing job at selecting the items for my summer fix. I love that she pays attention to my notes and special requests. It's not too often that you can walk in a store, pick up 5 items you like, and more than 1-2 of them actually work out. I would definitely recommend giving a Stitch Fix a try! You can sign up using the link below if you would like to experience Stitch Fix for yourself. 

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